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The 2019 edition of The Standard celebrates Vicon's 35th Anniversary. This edition includes 14 articles ranging from internal op-eds to customer stories focused on all markets from customers like the Japan Atomic Energy Agency and Human Media Lab to VR Arcade, Durham University and V1 Interactive.



Welcome to the 2018 edition of The Standard, featuring customer stories and case studies from around the world, and covering applications from all parts of the Vicon family. In this edition of The

Standard, we have collected stories from the stage to the ice rink, hospitals to VFX studios, and from customers both old and new.



In the 2017 edition of The Standard, you will see behind the scenes of some of the key projects of the last 18 months from our users all over the world. Including VFX, Biomechanics, Clinical Sciences, Object Tracking and the growing market of VR.



In celebration of 30 pioneering years in the motion capture industry, this 30th birthday special edition of The Standard is packed full of leading edge research, projects and industry insight from Vicon and our customers. Inside you'll find out how NASA design their space suits, a behind the scenes look at Bungie's new studio and a walk down memory lane with Vicon's founders, Julian Morris and Tom Shannon.



In the 2012 edition of The Standard you'll find an article from Bradford University on training the mocap specalists of the future, news of Andy Sekis' new studio, The Imaginarium, and an interesting look at the latest archaeology research using motion capture.



The 2011 issue of The Standard magazine includes a look at the infamous Kangaroo research from Uni. Idaho, UWA and Royal Veterinary College, London, UAV research from MIT and UPENN's Grasp Lab and an in-depth look at Dr. Reed Ferber's goal of saving the Canadian government $1 billion a year.



This issue is our most diverse to date and aims to introduce you to the interesting and innovative work of all our customers. As well as our traditional Life Science articles, by popular request, we've also featured articles on Virtual Reality, Film, Engineering, Games, Education, Rehabilitation and Sport Science.



The Vicon Standard 2009 issue contains articles on the Biomechanics of Fencing, Ergonomics of Masonry Workers, helping PTSD sufferers and much more.



This issue contains articles on the University of Western Australia, University of Dundee's Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery Department, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and much more.



This issues contains articles on Ball State University, Profile on Dr. Richard Baker, Swansea University and much more.



In this issue you will find 'Something new in sports science' from the University of Tsukuba, Japan, Ergonomics research from the University of Maryland Mecial Center and 'Movement challenges in multi-joint reaching tasks' from Ohio University.


Fall, 2005

The Vicon Standard Fall, 2005 edition contains articles on Washington University, Guy's Hospital, London, and Rikshopitalet University Hospital, Norway.


Spring, 2005

The Vicon Standard Spring, 2005 issue contains articles from Liverpool John Moores University, the University of Guelph, Canada and New York University School of Medicine.