Calibrate both optical and video reference
cameras with unparalleled accuracy.


The Vicon Active Wand is the world's first Dynamic Video Calibration device and has been engineered to work brilliantly with Vue. It enables you to achieve unparalleled accuracy with simultaneous multi-plane video calibration across an entire volume. The new combined wand wave calibrates your optical system and Vue or Basler reference video cameras in one easy step.


Active Wand LEDs are tracked automatically in your Vicon software.


Two operating modes for different light conditions means you can calibrate your motion capture cameras whether you're in a hospital gait lab, a 200 camera studio or outside in the brilliant sunshine.


An integrated Photodiode automatically synchronizes the wand to your optical cameras and the Intensity Control allows you to adjust the brightness of the LEDs, so you can adapt them for your specific working environment.