Engineered to capture the highest quality data

Higher fidelity measurement, five times faster data download speed, and real-time analysis – in the field and in water – Vicon’s Blue Trident is the hero life sciences launch of 2019.
The next generation of our market-leading IMU, Blue Trident is lightweight, easy to use, flexible and reliable.
From elite to grassroots sports, the improved, form-fitting sensor can capture the highest load activities and provide immediate real-time analysis in the field. It also benefits from being fully waterproof (IP68), making it suitable for all-weather capture, underwater treadmills and swimming.
Blue Trident is ideal for the whole life sciences community, from sports scientists and biomechanists, to sports teams and coaches, S&Cs, and
Data download speed is five times faster – one hour of data takes just three minutes – and Blue Trident integrates with Nexus 2.10 software, IMU Step software and our new Capture.U app – by simply downloading the app free to your iOS device to capture raw data or use Capture.U desktop to export to CSV.
Making the measurement of movement more accessible and affordable, Blue Trident seamlessly integrates the highest range of inertial data capture with Nexus, delivering precise, personalized metrics to inform your training, rehabilitation and performance development decisions.

Capture the highest g data possible

Blue Trident takes the capture of biomechanical objective data to a whole new level.