Speed up setup time of Vantage, Vero, Vue, T-Series and Bonita

Free yourself from the capture PC. Vicon Control is our first tablet and phone application designed to make setting up your Vantage, Vero, T-Series and Bonita system easier than ever. Control connects wirelessly to Vicon’s Tracker, Shōgun, and Nexus software. It streams camera data wirelessly to your mobile or tablet device, allowing a single operator to make adjustments on the fly.

Control 1.3 is a patch release for Vicon Control that adds a series exciting of new functions expanding what you can do with your phone or tablet when connect to your Vicon system. Please note that features 1-4 are available on all platforms. Features 5-10 are available when connected to Vicon Nexus.

New Features Added:

  1. Stream video from Vicon Bonita and Vue cameras
  2. AutoNumber your cameras
  3. Enable/Disable a cameras’ ‘Tap to Select’ function
  4. Add the ability to update video camera parameters including:
    1. Video calibration mode
    2. Shutter duration
    3. Threshold
  5. Subjects:
    1. Add and select subjects
    2. Display the currently active subject
    3. Edit subject information – add subject measurement
  6. Take a trial photo with your device
  7. Take a trial video with your device
  8. Create and Add ‘Trial Tags’
  9. Set trial type
  10. Display Post-capture pipeline feedback 

Vicon Control is free to download and works beautifully with Vicon Vantage, Vero, Vero X, Vertex, Bonita and T-Series. Requires Tracker 3.1, Shōgun 1.0, Blade 3.2 or Nexus 2.2 and a compatible iOS or Android device.

We support the current iOS version, and the current and previous android OS.


For iOS devices please download it from

For Android devices please download it from