Performance capture has never been so easy

Vicon Cara is the world's first out of the box 3D facial motion capture system. With a custom-made HeadRig built for actor comfort, four HD cameras and optional on-board lighting, Performance Capture has never been so easy.


Each component of the system has been designed from the ground up to the highest specification enabling capture and tracking of facial movements with the finest possible fidelity whilst allowing the actor freedom of movement and expression.


The Cara system has been engineered to ensure on-set reliability and actor comfort. The openness of the design allows the performer and director to concentrate on the performance and not the technology.


With 4 high-resolution, high-speed cameras capturing every nuance, and custom built on-board lighting, Vicon's Cara facial motion capture system will ensure you don't miss a thing.


Proprietary calibration and tracking algorithms ensure post-processing of the data results in clean, accurate trajectories making onward pipeline work much faster, saving time and money. Timecode support allows ease of management of the data in your performance capture pipeline.

Cara Camera Cable Clamp Assembly Instructions


Choose your own headgear, choose the number of cameras, choose lights and choose what pipeline to use with your captured data afterwards.

The components of Cara

Cara Camera
A complete Cara system ships with four 720p HD cameras with up to 60 fps and a 3mm F2.0 IR filtered Lens. At 31g, they are light enough to sit on the Cara HeadRig and be worn comfortably by the actor.
Cara Logger
The Cara logger is worn on the actors back and has a recording capacity of 64GB with two hours battery. At 430g and 140x90x40mm, it is light and comfortable enough for the actor to wear for the entire shoot, with no discomfort.
Cara HeadRig
The custom designed HeadRig weighs 1.2kg with the four Cara cameras and BOB attached. The HeadRig is one of the biggest innovations of the Cara system, designed for actor comfort and a one-size-fits-all approach.
Cara Light Kit
A custom designed, controllable rig of four on-board lights enable you to work in environments with insufficient or changing ambient light.