Vicon motion capture analysis helps Champion Athleticwear improve sports bra designs, giving customers greater confidence in the high-performance brand

Vicon, the motion capture technology specialists for the life sciences, engineering, and entertainment industries, announced today that Champion Athleticwear, inventor of the first sports bra and maker of innovative athletic apparel, has invested in a Vicon system to help with biomechanical research to improve its sports bra designs. Vicon's Bonita and Nexus 2 software provides an affordable, easy-to-use solution that delivers the accuracy and reliability Champion needs to collect 3D data in a variety of settings during product development.

Champion has used biomechanical research to confirm the performance of its ground-breaking sports bra designs for 30 years, including using a Vicon system in a university setting for more than a decade. The company recently invested in a Vicon Bonita B10 system to give it fast, comprehensive in-house capabilities to answer important R&D questions in real-time during sports bra development cycles and to validate product performance. As well as improving sports bra design, the Vicon system enables them to verify support levels based on a woman's sports bra size.

Champion needed a system that would deliver accurate, reliable 3D motion analysis data with robust, easy-to-use software. They also needed a portable system with a small footprint to enable data collection at multiple research locations.

"We've had a long and successful track record using a Vicon system in a university lab, so we felt very comfortable with the quality and performance of the brand and equipment," said LaJean Lawson, PhD, a renowned expert in sports bra research and design/marketing consultant for Champion. "The affordability of the Bonita system was key to our ability to improve our sports bra research capabilities by investing in our own in-house system. The portability of the system greatly enhances our ability to collect accurate 3D data in a variety of settings and at more points during the development process."

Vicon worked closely with Champion to deliver a system that was operational in only a couple of days. "From the beginning of the implementation process through final installation and training, Vicon's knowledgeable team did an exceptional job of developing a program tailored specifically to our sports bra research needs," added Lawson. "We already have the longest and strongest sports bra biomechanical research program in the industry. Our Vicon system gives us even greater capabilities to examine new sports bra technologies, design and refine our products in real-time during an aggressive development cycle, and certify sports bra performance."

"Our affordable motion capture systems make accurate, reliable data analysis accessible to all kinds of companies and applications," said Jeffrey Ovadya, sales and marketing director, Vicon. "With its Vicon system, Champion Athleticwear can quickly and easily evaluate new technologies and designs, bolstering its position as the leader in innovative athletic apparel."