IST enhances integration between Vicon systems and The MotionMonitor with the addition of analog acquisition through Vicon Giganet

Vicon partner and integrator Innovative Sports Training (IST) has enhanced the integration between its MotionMonitor software and Vicon's motion capture systems to offer customers more flexible and efficient motion capture with reduced hardware costs.

IST offers fully integrated, customized solutions for applications including 3D gaze analysis, gait analysis, sport movement analysis, biofeedback and virtual reality. Its MotionMonitor software for data acquisition, analysis and visualization is integrated with Vicon's T-Series and Bonita cameras, Tracker and Nexus tracking software, and additional components such as force plates, EMG systems, digital video, force transducers, eye trackers, haptic devices, and virtual reality displays. Customers include the Department of Exercise and Sport at the University of North Carolina and the School of Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences at Ohio University.

"The enhanced integration between MotionMonitor and Vicon systems helps us fulfill our goal of enabling end users to focus on their application instead of hardware configuration, programming or scripting," said Mona Bhuta, vice president, Innovative Sports Training.

"Partnering with Vicon has given us the ability to provide affordable, passive optical solutions for applications that require accurate, real-time tracking, such as 3D gaze analysis, as well as for broader, dynamic applications like running and golf. Our customers appreciate Vicon's clean user interface, excellent tracking and reliable hardware, as well as great support in the rare instances it's needed."

The MotionMonitor collects all data synchronously and provides immediate playback of the trial with 3D animation and graphical displays of raw or processed data. IST has added analog acquisition into The MotionMonitor through Vicon Giganet, eliminating the two-step processing usually required when data is first collected by the Vicon cameras and imported into The MotionMonitor, as well as the need for additional analog data acquisition hardware. It also makes it easier to integrate MotionMonitor into existing Vicon systems, and gives end users the flexibility to collect marker and analog data in either Vicon's Nexus software or The MotionMonitor without needing to modify the hardware configuration.

"It's very rewarding to see Vicon systems integrated into innovative motion capture systems like those provided by IST," said Jeffrey Ovadya, sales director, Vicon. "By integrating MotionMonitor through the versatile Vicon Giganet, IST's customers can enjoy more flexible, interdisciplinary motion capture."