Introduces affordable, high-quality motion capture to robotics research at ICRA Hong Kong

Clearpath Robotics has partnered with Vicon, the motion capture technology specialists for the entertainment, defense, life sciences and engineering industries, to provide high-quality motion capture systems to robotics research customers worldwide. Clearpath Robotics will demonstrate the two companies' technologies working together at the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong, China, from May 31 to June 5.

"Optical tracking and robotics go hand in hand and we look forward to further expanding our presence in robotics research through this partnership with Clearpath Robotics," said Warren Lester, engineering product manager, Vicon. "The quality and affordability of Vicon systems will reinforce Clearpath Robotics' reputation for building unmanned vehicles that save time and money on future projects."

Clearpath Robotics will offer a combined robotic and tracking solution using Vicon T-Series or Bonita motion capture cameras and Tracker object tracking software.

Research organizations will be able to use the Vicon systems with Clearpath Robotics' Husky all-terrain robot, TurtleBot mobile robot platform and Jaco robot arm, to measure the efficacy and accuracy of the control systems they develop to guide them autonomously. The Vicon systems can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings to track the movement of robots with a precision that is not possible through other means. Such robots are developed for applications ranging from moving stock in a warehouse to searching abandoned buildings for bombs.

"Motion capture systems have become an integral part of robotics research," said Matt Rendall, chief executive officer at Clearpath Robotics. "Vicon provides a reliable, cost-effective system with superior tracking capabilities, allowing our customers to use fewer cameras and gain higher quality results with millimeter-level precision."

Vicon is now available at Clearpath Robotics. Visit for more details.