Vicon, developer of motion capture products for the entertainment, life science and engineering industries, is pleased to announce that Audiomotion Studios, Europe's leading performance capture service provider for movies and videogames, used its Vicon mocap technology on the newly released game from EA Sports, FIFA 2014.

Vicon's mocap technology was deployed by Audiomotion, to track and capture the movements of the world's most expensive footballer, Gareth Bale (ex-Tottenham Hotspur and now playing for Real Madrid). Bale, a big fan of the FIFA franchise, demonstrated his free kick technique as well as a series of athletic drills and passes – all captured using Vicon's industry-leading motion capture technology.

The captured data was then used to bring to life the footballer's moves, characteristics and personality within the game in precise detail.

Audiomotion's work on FIFA 2014 is the latest in a long line of world class motion capture for major gaming and movie projects, including World War Z, the Narnia series, the Titans series, Harry Potter series, Golden Compass, and Gladiator. Audiomotion's on-going work in pushing the art of motion capture forward is helping to maintain the UK as an essential hub in the visual effects industry.