Digital Cinema Ukraine purchase Vicon to add ultimate realism to productions

Vicon, developer of motion capture products for the entertainment, life science and engineering industries, has now sold two motion capture systems into the Ukraine.

Following the successful installation of Vicon's Bonita system at Digital Cinema Ukraine ("DCU") in February 2012, we are delighted to announce that they have now upgraded to Vicon's flagship T-Series system.

DCU were initially using Vicon's Bonita system for motion capture in the animation market. DCU also needed to capture multiple actors in a larger volume with face and body simultaneously, therefore decided to upgrade to a Vicon T-Series system which has up to four times the resolution of any motion capture camera available today.

"Having researched different products it was clear both T-Series and Blade are the most advanced motion capture systems in the market. The accuracy, quality of data and flexibility enables us to increase the quality of our productions by adding realism you cannot achieve through key frame animation alone," said Yuri Prylypko, CEO of DCU.

Established in 2011, DCU is the first performance capture studio in the Ukraine. Their motion capture services are employed by studios working in TV, film, game development and pre-visualization.