From Oxford to Singapore, Denver to LA, and Australia to Brazil – the global Vicon team works together to provide you with industry leading products and services. 

Find out more about the team below.

Imogen Moorhouse

Imogen gained her mechanical engineering degree in 1993 and worked in technology businesses in a variety of sales roles before joining Vicon in 2001. She has held a number of roles encompassing sales, support, manufacturing and general management before becoming CEO in 2012.

Andy Ray
Sales Director VMSL

Scientist by academic qualification, passionate about customer solutions by trade, with an overall love of the motion capture market from working in the field since 2005.

Jeffrey Ovadya
Sales Director VMSi

After graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree from UCSB, Jeff designed control systems at Raytheon before joining Vicon in 2008, where he employs his devotion to progress and humanity.

Derek Potter
Head of Product Management

Derek earned a Master's degree in biomechanics from Queen's university. Prior to working for Vicon he gained experience in biomechanics and motion capture, managing a gait lab, as an ergonomics consultant, research assistant and lecturer.

Tim Doubleday
VFX Product Manager

Tim has spent the last 3 years working on film and game productions including ‘Star Wars’, ‘Final Fantasy’ & ‘Battlefield 1’ with The Imaginarium Studios.

He now joins Vicon to help create the next generation of motion capture tools and products for use on future VFX based projects.

Bob Dimmock
Support Manager VMSL

Bob graduated in 1999 with an honours degree in Aerospace Engineering. Prior to joining Vicon in 2008, Bob worked in IT and telecommunications support and was also a secondary school teacher.

Sarah Paliga
Support Manager VMSi

Sarah studied biomedical engineering at Marquette University and worked in the gait lab at Froedtert Medical Center prior to joining Vicon in 2008.