Motion capture has been integrated into the process of content creation and interaction with virtual reality and immersive environments since the inception of VR.

We have been working with the leading providers in the VR and immersive engineering industry for many years. You can be confident we have a Vicon system that will fit your needs and your budget. 

Origin LBVR by Vicon

Origin is inspired by and built for the expansive Location Based VR (LBVR) market.

Our three new hardware products and software platform from Vicon make fully immersive and interactive entertainment experiences easier than ever to create. Find more information on the Origin microsite:

Your industry partner for virtual reality
tracking and ergonomic studies.

Ergonomics and Human Factors

Need to undertake the 3D assessment of human interaction with products, work space or living spaces? In use in a wide variety of ergonomic and human factor applications, Vicon systems can help with your motion measurement and analysis needs. Customers in this field include: BMW, Indesit, Toyota, Ford, John Deere, and University of Michigan - Transportation Research Institute.


Immersive reality

Vicon provides the most accurate and true-to-life manipulation of graphics for animation or simulation. Vicon's low latency tracking eliminates the lag, inaccuracies, unpredictability and unresponsiveness of traditional magnetic or inertial technologies. Customers in this field include: Dreamscape VR, Ford, Artanim, NASA, Airbus, CLARTE, Virtual Engineering Centre, Exxon, Maserati, ESA, and Oblong.


Top 7 reasons to use Vicon for Virtual Reality applications

Vicon optical tracking outclasses electromagnetic, inertial and ultrasonic technologies in speed, latency, and precision. Yet it is the simplest to set up and calibrate. Optical technology provides interference-free performance and is not susceptible to motion errors which affect other types of systems.
Not only does Vicon have a long history of developing cameras, imaging sensors, lenses and onboard camera processing, but also, in 2013 Vicon launched Apex Interaction Device, a custom-built interaction device for virtual environments.
From tight spaces in a vehicle cab or cockpit, to CAVE environments, there is a Vicon system that can help you.
With a wide range of cameras available, and reliable tracking using as little as two cameras, a Vicon solution is more accessible than you might think, and outclasses other systems with higher camera counts.
For the VR environments, stream data straight into Unity, Unreal, MotionBuilder, Dassault Systèmes Delmia and PTC Division Mockup. Tracker supports the Vicon DataStream, which allows Unicast TCP connections, Multicast UDP connections and VRPN. Everything works together - beautifully.
For the most realistic immersive experience, achieving the lowest possible latency is a priority. With the Vicon motion tracking system, it is possible to go as low as 1.5 ms
With a Vicon solution, you just set up the cameras, turn them on and calibrate in less than 30 seconds. The system automatically starts tracking the second you turn it on. Vicon cameras look after themselves, so you can look after the reason why you wanted tracking in the first place.