Motion capture has been used in engineering applications since the late 1980s and Vicon has been a partner to these industries from the beginning.

Your industry partner for robot and object tracking.

Object Tracking

We have been working with the leading solution providers and innovating end users to the engineering industries over many years, to ensure your end-to-end solution is as seamless and efficient as it can be. Whether you're tracking fast-moving UAVs, evaluating product designs for manufacturing projects, industrial robots, localization of tools or analyzing the movement of life-size buildings within the world's largest earthquake simulator, our motion tracking systems can be integrated into your application.

Vicon are the premier solution for UAV and Robotic studies because we understand what is important; A highly accurate system that provides low latency data that is easy to use. With our turnkey approach and easy to access our DataStream (via TCP, UDP, etc.) users can easily integrate accurate Vicon data into virtually any control system. Customers in this field include: UPENN Grasp Lab, NASA, ETH Zurich, Bristol Robotics Lab, and NRL.

Top 8 reasons to use Vicon for Object Tracking

Boeing, Airbus, Ford, BMW, UPENN and NASA are just some of the users driving Vicon systems at the forefront of ground-breaking applications in ergonomics, engineering and research. Joining the Vicon family means being part of industry leading innovation, every day.
We believe in building strong partnerships with other vendors in the engineering market alongside our customers. This ensures we remain compatible as their technology advances whilst continuing to deliver seamless turnkey solutions to our customers.
Precise tracking is key for providing a ground truth for robot localization experiments. A Vicon system provides the highest order of positional and angular precision by optimally selecting and fusing all available data.
With a wide range of cameras available, and reliable tracking using as few as two cameras, a Vicon solution is more accessible than you might think, and outclasses other systems with higher camera counts.
If you want a 75x75 ft. volume, or outdoors in the desert, you can do it with a Vicon system.
Vicon systems deliver a low latency solution, paramount for robot tracking hardware in loop testing and immersive environments. Using the Tracker software, the lowest latency on the market is achievable at 1.5 ms
Vicon solutions don't require hours of set-up, careful handling or weeks of training courses. You just set up the cameras, turn the system on and calibrate in under a minute. The system automatically starts tracking the second you turn it on. Leaving you to look after the reason why you wanted tracking in the first place.
Vicon's Tracker software streams data into many 3rd party applications such as Dassault Systèmes, 3DVIA & VirTools, TrackD, Autodesk MotionBuilder and VRJuggler. Tracker supports the Vicon DataStream, which allows Unicast TCP connections and Multicast UDP connections. Everything works together - beautifully.