What is the latest version of Firmware?

Latest Firmware

The most up to date Firmware can be found under the download area for the Vicon website. Vicon will always list the supported product for a given Firmware version and list significant features or fixes associated with these releases.

New updated firmware versions are designed to load onto legacy hardware(i.e. T-Series/Bonita), but do not (unless specially stated) contain any specific updates for these products and are functionally identical to previous legacy firmware builds. The ability to load newer firmware onto legacy hardware is provided for convenience when updating systems containing a supported mix of camera types. If you own a system comprised of only legacy hardware there is generally no need to update your firmware past the ‘Legacy Firmware Version’ (see below).

When updating Firmware make sure that the cameras and the remaining hardware run on the same Firmware.

Mixed Camera Systems:

When running a mixed system please ensure that the Firmware is the same for all cameras.

The Firmware version should correspond to the newest generation of camera in your system.


The most recent firmware update for T-series, Bonita and MX Hardware that contained specific updates for these platforms is:

Legacy Firmware 502

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