How do I update the Firmware on my Vantage/Vero and mixed hardware?

A mixed or Vantage/Vero camera system needs to be on the latest firmware.  For version details, see What is the latest version of Firmware?

1. Please download the folder and then extract the files from Once complete, run the executable inside. This will install the Reprogramming Tool for the appropriate Firmware version on the computer. 

2. Once the program has been installed make sure:

-Vicon software is closed

-Vicon hardware is on

-To check your firewall; either disable or allow this program through the firewall

3. Double click on the Reprogramming Tool to start the program. The program will automatically search for all Vicon hardware which can be updated. Click Next when ready.

4. A list of existing Firmware for all devices is now presented. You have the option to reprogram all devices.

This process can be slow.  Please do not interrupt the programming process.  Once the reprogramming is completed you will be able to go to the next page and close out of the programming tool.  If any cameras fail or you have further questions, please contact support

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