Shōgun 1.2.1


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Shōgun 1.2.1 includes a number of bug fixes and adds the ability to control Live Subject Calibration using the Live API.

Fixes include:

Shogun Live:

  • Capture now completes even after data discontinuity.
  • You can stop capture after data discontinuity.
  • During subject calibration, you can no longer click Accept T-pose without a T-pose being found.
  • Subject calibration now has improved booting with shoulder markers.
  • Shogun GUI now updates when using the API.
  • Clusters are now added and maintained during subject calibration.

Shogun Post:

  • Multi-person FBX now imports into Motionbuilder correctly.
  • Camera ray contributions appear over the grid.
  • Calibration of multiple actors now takes clusters into account.
  • You can now toggle Label cursor text.
  • You can now set hotkeys via the number pad.
  • Timebar selection has been improved.
  • Solving using batching no longer hangs.
  • Marker size slider now increments correctly.
  • Bonita VVID files now un-distort correctly.
  • Deleting objects in the selection tree no longer closes the list.
  • You can now modify selected attributes including primary selection.
  • FBX files are now converted to face Z forwards.


  • Shōgun 1.0 SafeNet License.

N.B. – The licensing system for Shōgun differs from Blade and other Vicon software applications. Although there are two executables (Live and Post) there will only be one licence type = Shōgun (as opposed to Shogun Live and Shōgun Post). Shōgun Post is seat-licensed and requires one free seat of Shogun per instance of the software that is desired to be used simultaneously. Shōgun Live however uses a new ‘catch and release’ concept. Shōgun Live does perform a licence check during launch and must find a valid Shōgun licence, but does not ‘check out’ this licence.

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