ProEclipse 1.2.1


File Name: ProEclipse

ProEclipse 1.2.1 is a patch update for Vicon's data management component ProEclipse.

ProEclipse is installed as the data management component for Vicon Nexus and Polygon. A number of issues were reported following the latest ProEclipse update. This patch update is intended to address those issues.

Addressed issues:

  • Improvements to archiving and backups
  • Improvements to deleting large node numbers
  • Underscore symbol '_' is now correctly displayed
  • Available backups are listed even if patient classification, patient, session or Polygon report are renamed
  • Backups of nodes containing a point symbol '.' are correctly listed and restored
  • Database with names containing a Point symbol '.' are correctly recognized
  • Speed improvements have occurred when using the search function
  • Search queries are no longer case-sensitive
  • Force plates context can be manually changed from the default in ProEclipse
  • 'Raw Data Loading Options' are now accessible in Vicon Nexus
  • Polygon report icon will be removed when all report files have been deleted
  • Metadata is correctly made available for Polygon's "Insert DB fields" option


ProEclipse is compatible with:

  • Vicon Nexus 2.x
  • Vicon Polygon 4.x
  • Vicon Nexus 1.8.5
  • Bodybuilder 3.6.4

Windows 10 (64bit) --.NET Framework 4.5 and above

Windows 7 (64bit) --.NET Framework 4.5

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