ProEclipse 1.3.0


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Release Date: May 17th 2019

ProEclipse 1.3.0 is a point update for Vicon's data management component ProEclipse.

ProEclipse is installed as the data management component for Vicon Nexus and Polygon. A number of issues were reported following the latest ProEclipse update. This update is intended to address those issues.

Addressed issues:

  • Metadata Checkbox status is now retained.
  • Ability to force a refresh of entries in the data manager as a per-database setting.
  • ProEclipse speed improvement when expanding nodes over the network drive.
  • C3D version can be changed to a custom label.
  • Ability to name a sub-directory the same as a trial name, without causing the trial to disappear.
  • Renaming a database will register in the data manager.
  • Creating a new configuration using buttons will no longer replace the first button to auto until the name is pressed.
  • Node names which have leading or trailing spaces are removed correctly.
  • Deleted nodes no longer appear in the 'Go Back' list.
  • Error notification will occur if a Polygon report is opened on a PC without a Polygon installer.
  • Stopping a Backup or Archive will now display an incomplete status.
  • New entries will update in Data Management when the database is on a Network drive.
  • Renaming a database will update the database registry.
  • Supports the fusion device management software developed by Contemplas which is provided by ProPhysics.


ProEclipse is compatible with:

  • Vicon Nexus 2.x
  • Vicon Polygon 4.x
  • Vicon Nexus 1.8.5
  • Bodybuilder 3.6.4

Windows 10 (64bit) --.NET Framework 4.5 and above

Windows 7 (64bit) --.NET Framework 4.5

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