ProCalc 1.2.1


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Vicon ProCalc is a visual application for creating custom kinematic models, variables and event calculations using a simple wizard-based system. Load C3D trial files, create new calculations and visualize outputs in an integrated 3D workspace. Variables and events calculated in ProCalc can be written back into the C3D file or exported directly to Excel or to a CSV file.

New feature:

  • Users now have the option to export variables and events via a CSV file.

Addressed Bugs:

  • ProCalc no longer requires Microsoft Office to be installed.
  • ProCalc will now use the calculated variable name if stored names are the same.
  • ProCalc has addressed how Euler angles are calculated and displayed.
  • Adding custom names no longer require additional field changes.
  • Schemes will correctly sort in alphabetical order.


ProCalc operates off a Nexus 2.x SafeNet license.

Nexus 2.7 and Nexus 2.8, requires ProCalc 1.2 and above in order to execute the ProCalc pipeline operation in Nexus.

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