ProCalc 1.1.0


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ProCalc 1.1 is a point release for Vicon’s GUI based model and calculation building application. This point release introduces a number of new features, and fixes a set of issues reported since ProCalc 1.0.

New Features:

  1. The ability to recreate virtual markers from cluster association

  2. A new variable numerical display within the 3D workspace for a variables

  3. The ability to view Graph ability and 3D workspace in Full Screen Mode

  4. Show all marker labels in the 3D workspace

  5. Events can now saved to C3D

ProCalc 1.1 also addresses a set of issues reported following the release.

Highlighted issues Addressed Include:

Non-English characters for subject names can result in C3D failing to load. General events created by ProCalc are now readable in Vicon Nexus ProCalc 1.1 will now allow installation under Windows 8 Fix an issue where the application can be hidden on launch Fix an issue that cause event to be incorrectly displayed Double events are now correctly recognized Events placed on the first frame are now recognized ProCalc no longer allows variable to have the same name


An active Nexus 2 Safenet License

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