Nexus 2.7.0

Important note: If using an existing Nexus 2.x network license, the license server needs to be updated to the latest version (SentinelRMSLicenseManager9.1.0)


File Name: Nexus

Vicon Nexus: Vicon's All-inclusive modeling and processing tool for movement analysis.

With a host of automated features, intelligent processing and flexible controls, Nexus 2 lets you focus on your research and not on your software.

Nexus 2.7 is a point release for Vicon Nexus that adds functionality and address issues reported since the launch of Nexus 2.6. Nexus 2.7 is also the first version of Nexus that support Vicon's new IMU sensors.

A highlighted list of feature additions and addressed issues can be found below.

Nexus 2.7 New Features

  1. Support for Vicon IMU Sensors

  2. Gait Cycle Visualization on the Nexus Timebar

  3. Display Variable Components in Quick Reports

  4. New Calibration Feedback Options i. Export Calibration Results as a CSV ii. Compare Calibrations iii. Set Calibration Threshold Values iv. Sort Calibration Columns

  5. A New Updated Log Notifications System

  6. ProCalc Pipeline Operation

  7. High pass filter Operation

  8. User Saved Sound Configurations

  9. Firmware Notifications

  10. Plug In Gait Joint Centres can now be Visualized

  11. Protect System Configuration Files (Read-Only)

Other Feature Additions:

  • Automatically show the monitors pane when a new monitor is added
  • Hotkey for gap fill - cyclic fill
  • Refresh subject from disk
  • New link to the Nexus model directory
  • Ignore the set reconstruction volume during calibration and set origin
  • Dikablis: prevent adding a calibration point when not in KinFit mode
  • Save/Load VSTs
  • SDK Version Info
  • Centre camera view on camera centre point

Issues Addressed:

  • Monitors correctly reinitialized when a new trial is loaded
  • Subjects now properly cleared when browsing to a non-session location
  • Increased storage capacity above 255 for modeled markers in C3D files
  • Corrected an issue displaying timecode when loading a cropped C3D without raw data
  • Matlab PiG no longer crashes when output values are indeterminate
  • Trial captures will not be abandoned when using capture before start with subsampled video
  • Graph horizontal range no longer becomes spontaneously unlocked
  • Nexus is more robust when opening an invalid C3D file

Known Issues:

  1. When collecting IMU sensor data at higher frequencies (500Hz), exceptionally long trial ( >30 mins) may show less reliable optical - IMU frame alignment.

  2. IMU sensor may require a manual re-connect in Nexus if they are out of communication range (Bluetooth) for an extended period.

  3. If streaming preview frame from an IMU sensor are not available at the time a trial capture is started, then data for that sensor may not be available in the trial.


  • Nexus 2.x Safenet license

  • For the ProCalc pipeline operation - ProCal 1.2 must be installed.

  • IMU Sensors are ONLY supported in Windows 10 (64bit).

  • Nexus Recommended and fully supported in Windows 10 (64bit) -- with .NET Framework 4.5 and above.

  • Nexus Compatibility tested in Windows 7 (64bit) -- with .NET Framework 4.5.

  • 2 GB NVIDIA Quadro K620 Tested and Supported Graphics Cards.

Basler video cameras and Nexus 2.7

If Basler digital cameras will be connected to Nexus 2.7, ensure you have updated to the Basler Pylon5 SDK and drivers (v5.0.0), which are available from the Vicon website.

If you are using an Intel i340, i350 or i210 network card, when you install the drivers, select the option for Filter drivers, not Performance drivers.

The Pylon5 driver supports:

  • Basler GigE cameras under both Windows 10 and Windows 7.
  • Basler FireWire cameras (A600 series) under Windows 7 only.

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