Nexus 2.9.1

Important note: If using an existing Nexus 2.x network license, the license server needs to be updated to the latest version (SentinelRMSLicenseManager9.2.0)


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Vicon Nexus: Vicon's all-inclusive modelling and processing tool for movement analysis.

With a host of automated features, intelligent processing and flexible controls, Nexus 2 lets you focus on your research and not on your software.

Nexus 2.9.1 is a patch release for Vicon Nexus, which addresses issues reported since Nexus 2.9.

Addressed Issues:

  • CGM2 (Conventional Gait Model 2) addressed the inversion of boolean parameters upon the model execution.
  • Kistler digital force plates are correctly read by Nexus in Offline mode.
  • Using Auto Initialize for subject calibration markers only will apply the scaled values.
  • For T-Series cameras, the light indicator will only be present if the camera is selected.
  • Retarget Processing Output Level removed.


  • Licensing: Nexus 2.x Safenet license.
  • IMU Sensors are ONLY supported in Windows 10 (64-bit).
  • IMU Sensors require the following driver to be installed: CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers. (Driver link:
  • IMU Improvements - To access new IMU frequency modes the Blue Thunder Sensor requires firmware 1.3. Users are required to update the Blue Thunder Sensor firmware using IMU Research app. This app is currently under review by Apple for release.
  • Recommended and fully supported - Windows 10 (64bit) -- with .NET Framework 4.5 and above.

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