Nexus 2.9.0

Important note: If using an existing Nexus 2.x network license, the license server needs to be updated to the latest version (SentinelRMSLicenseManager9.2.0)


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Vicon Nexus: Vicon's All-inclusive modelling and processing tool for movement analysis.

With a host of automated features, intelligent processing and flexible controls, Nexus 2 lets you focus on your research and not on your software.

Nexus 2.9.0 is a general release for Vicon Nexus. This update introduces a native Conventional Gait Model 2.

New Features:

  1. Native Conventional Gait Model 2.
  2. Hybrid CAST Visual3D Labeling Template.
  3. Data Quality Information in the Data Management Pane.
  4. Ability to calculate residual analysis for your devices using a pipeline operation.
  5. Foot strike counter viewable in the video camera window.
  6. Visualise model outputs in Polygon when using functional VSTs to compare with Plugin Gait outputs.
  7. Load view type when in event identification mode.
  8. Timebar event identification includes optionable settings to zoom or not to zoom into the timebar.
  9. Delay compensation executable via a pipeline operation.
  10. Delete timebar events from only one context via the timebar or using a pipeline operation.
  11. Mirror the video camera in the camera view.
  12. Quick Report will normalise and overlay all traces from one trial.
  13. Run a Monitor in a pipeline.
  14. SDK command to identify active subjects.
  15. Auto-scale the calibration L-frame when setting the origin.
  16. Additional toast pop-up control settings.
  17. GetDeviceDataFrom API Function.

Addressed Issues:

  • The 3D orthogonal view will display markers to match the default view parameter.
  • The 3D view will no longer flip the force plate number displays when zooming out.
  • Advance parameters added to the video view settings.
  • Adding a segment to Plug-in Gait will not remove the existing parameterization.
  • Offline grayscale circle fitting turns off correctly when disabled.
  • Control card error message updated.
  • Blank 'start frame' value in 'load range' will be treated as invalid when using 'show trial loading options'.
  • The 'load frames from the range' option in 'trial loading options' displays start and end frame correctly.
  • AGW (advance gait workflow) Static Trial type will open only if AGW lower body workflow is selected.
  • Large operations save to history.
  • Repeatably executing auto-initialize subject will not shrink the labeling skeleton.
  • Contexts are refreshed within the timebar when moving between trials.
  • Nexus buffer efficiency improved.
  • Plugin Gait ground reaction force outputs display correct forceplate units.
  • Using drag and drop for a Subject, requires an active session to display.
  • Quick Report update to allow the ability to load trials using the same name.
  • When masking, only the selected cameras will set their LEDs to cyan.
  • Selecting a marker will display the whole trial trajectory in the graph view.
  • Updates to reading XML marker node errors.
  • Fix the calculation of progression frame when using short (<20 frames) static trials.
  • Non-zeroed force plates will correctly assign kinetic gait cycles to the timebar.
  • Real-time detected events will appear on the timebar when capturing in simple capture mode.
  • AGW (advance gait workflow) combined processing operation parameter is corrected to default settings.
  • Searching for modelled markers using MATLAB or Python, will no longer generate a virtual marker if the marker position as changed.
  • Identification of events correctly occurs when using a Boolean AND monitor whilst scrolling through a trial.


  • Licensing: Nexus 2.x Safenet license.
  • IMU Sensors are ONLY supported in Windows 10 (64-bit).
  • IMU Sensors require the following driver to be installed: CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers. (Driver link:
  • IMU Improvements - To access new IMU frequency modes the Blue Thunder Sensor requires firmware 1.3. Users are required to update the Blue Thunder Sensor firmware using IMU Research app. This app is currently under review by Apple for release.
  • Recommended and fully supported - Windows 10 (64bit) -- with .NET Framework 4.5 and above.

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