CaraPost 1.1.0


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CaraPost is the automated tracking and reconstruction product for the Cara facial capture system. It will accept .pico files generated in CaraLive and process the to 3D point output.

CaraPost 1.1 is the first point release of CaraPost.

New feature in CaraPost 1.1 include:

  • Assisted and manual point cloud stabilization capability.

Addressed issues include:

  • Calibration | When importing an xcp file now creates a log entry.
  • User no longer needs to deselect points in channel views before using Select Point With Fewest Gaps.
  • With no sensor selected Ctrl + Arrow no longer rotates channel 0.
  • Improved tooltips for the tracking buttons in {panel:Tracker}.
  • It is now possible to disable CaraPost as an installer option.
  • In the context menu you can select sensors.
  • Edit stick color now works correctly.
  • Fixed View Range serialization error.
  • Fixed crash when a base frame number is higher than the range of the take.
  • Fixed crash when stabilizing with gappy tracks.


Quad core 3+GHz processor 16 GB Memory 500 GB hard drive NVidia Quadro 4000 or equivalent graphics cards Windows 7 Professional 64-bit For a licence server: PC connected to a network, which uses either static IP addresses or DHCP. The licence server for CaraLive must either be this machine or be on the same network.

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