CaraPost 1.2.0


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CaraPost is the automated tracking and reconstruction product for the Cara facial capture system. It will accept .pico files generated in CaraLive and process the to 3D point output.

CaraPost 1.2 is the second point release of CaraPost.

Key Additions / Changes

  1. Better support for captures using less than 4 cameras.
  2. Reorder marker list order – It is now possible to select labels from the labelling panel and simply drag and drop them to reorder them.
  3. Realign Camera data for ROM Initialization Feature – Users are now able to adjust alignment when head rig has moved a small amount.
  4. Specific number of frames export option – This allows the users to export only the view range they are working on instead of the whole take.
  5. “Zero” a take – This new option in CaraPost lets the users set their starting timecode frame to 0.
  6. Retime a take – CaraPost now supports changing the frame rate to an array of “Hz” options. This was previously available only via PyCara.


Quad core 3+GHz processor 16 GB Memory 500 GB hard drive NVidia Quadro 4000 or equivalent graphics cards Windows 7 Professional 64-bit For a licence server: PC connected to a network, which uses either static IP addresses or DHCP. The licence server for CaraLive must either be this machine or be on the same network.

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