CaraLive 1.3.0


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This new version of Cara Live is intended to better support user workflow when capturing from fewer than four cameras.

  1. There were improvements in notifications and error handling when downloading less than 4 pico files
  2. File conversions to some supported video files can now be scaled and rotated individually.
  3. Double click on thumbnails brings the logger monitor window up.
  4. It is now possible to combine up to four channels into a single output (specific formats only).
  5. CaraLive now remembers the position of the channels (if zoomed or paned) even if it is restarted.
  6. CaraLive now remembers the preferred streaming mode for both single and multiple channels and the display mode can be changed from the actions menu.
  7. Logger now shows yellow when a capture is pending and it changes to green when the actual capture has started.
  8. Support for H.264 video in QuickTime .mov file, which allows for faster output formats, does not lose any information in re-encoding, contains timecode and is supported by QuickTime, Windows Media Player, VLC and SMPlayer and probably others (these are the ones we tested the files on).


Quad core 3+GHz processor 4 GB Memory 500 GB hard drive NVidia Quadro 2000 or equivalent graphics cards Windows 7 Professional 64-bit An up-to-date router that is appropriate for your system. For example, Vicon CaraLive has been successfully tested with the ASUS RT-N66U Two network ports For a licence server: PC connected to a network, which uses either static IP addresses or DHCP. The licence server for CaraLive must either be this machine or be on the same network

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