Oxford Foot Model 1.4


File Name: OxfordFootModel_1.4.56655_x86.zip

The current version of Nexus 2 includes Oxford Foot Model.

The Oxford Foot Model was developed and validated by the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in collaboration with Oxford University.

The Vicon implementation of the Oxford Foot Model provides users with an easy-to-use plug-in which can be included in the processing pipelines of either Vicon Nexus 1.x or Vicon Workstation 5.x. The Oxford Foot Model Plug-in is designed to fit straight into the pipeline with the usual gait plug-ins such as the Woltring Filter, Gait Cycle event detection, and Plug-in Gait.


The Oxford Foot Model is compatible with and fully supported under the Windows 7 64-bit operating system. Installation, software operation, and required third-party drivers are tested under the Windows 7 operating system. Although the Oxford Foot Model may install and function under other Microsoft Windows operating systems, this combination is not officially supported or recommended by Vicon.

In addition, you will require the appropriate Vicon software in order to run the Oxford Foot Model Plug-in; either Vicon Workstation or Vicon Nexus.

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