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Vicon Life Science Sample Data: Includes a variety of sports and gait data, captured and processed using the Plug-in Gait marker set, in addition to custom cluster-based marker sets and the Advanced Gait Workflow. Raw data files are included to allow reprocessing of data.

Features include:

  • Sports: Baseball, Cricket, Cycling, Golf, Table Tennis, Treadmill Running.
  • Gait: LowerBody and FullBody PlugInGait, Advanced Gait Workflow
  • Integrated Devices: IMeasureU, AMTI Force Plates, Delsys Trigno

Important note: The default installation location for the sample data is in Public Documents: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vicon\Vicon Sample Data. If required, you can change this during the installation process. The installer will install a Database level ProEclipse node Data was collected using Nexus 2.6.1 and processed using Nexus 2.7. Reference video is not included.


Licensing: Nexus 2.x Safenet license.

Supported OS(s): Fully supported under Window 10, work in Windows 7.

Integration of IMU Sensors is ONLY supported for Windows 10 (64-bit).

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