Vicon motion capture helps CLARTE develop experimental virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) projects. Based in Laval, France, CLARTE specialize in high performance equipment in the field of VR, AR and haptics. It offers a service for companies wishing to incorporate VR into their development process.


CLARTE act as a test facility for VR and AR equipment and continually develop innovative experimental applications based on virtual and AR technologies.

Alexandre Bouchet, Responsible Technique & Scientifique at CLARTE said, "Our first experiments in VR started with the installation of a Reality Center in 1999. As the company has developed, our technology requirements have grown, so last year we decided to invest in a reliable and affordable motion capture system."


Bouchet opted for a Vicon Bonita system to use in the various VR environments at CLARTE.

The largest is the powerwall. A powerwall is a stereoscopic screen with a projector that creates a high quality picture. t is mostly used for design reviews, viewing models on a 1:1 scale, where picture quality and sense of immersion is crucial. The user, wearing a pair of stereoscopic glasses, is tracked with two Bonita cameras as they interact with the display.

A workbench is a simpler and generally smaller VR application, and includes two small angled screens to display CAD data for the user to interactive with. The view on the screens change with the user's perspective as their head is tracked with two Bonita cameras. It is most frequently used to validate the mechanical assembly of components in a manufacturing setting.


"We've been really impressed with the quality of the system so far, especially with the powerwall, where a wide field of view and low latency is very important to the quality of the experience for the user.

"For me, the Bonita cameras really stand out for three reasons – low latency, a high refresh rate up to 200 Hz, and the wide field of view. Two cameras will create quite a large tracking volume, which is pretty impressive," said Bouchet.